Beverly Akhurst

It was amazing to speak with Beverly, we had a great chat about all the ways our minds work and how to bring energy into all that we do. There was a hicup with the storm breaking up our connection. I will be planning a further episode to gain more insight from here.


Ways to Bring Positive Energy Into your working life

Today I have a guest to help cover a few areas of interest around signs your energy and success are suffering in your current work life. I talk to Beverly on my podcast about Energy and the Ways to Bring Positive Energy Into your working life to help gain Business Success
Here are a few points I cover to help you start off. You can hear the full episode on your channel or podcast search Zulf Talks

Tips to Boost Mental Energy
Focus on Natural light
Open Windows
use light to set the mood
Hang Artwork to inspire emotion
Invite Nature In Incorporate House Plants
Feed your brain.
Get moving.
Change your view.
Scale back.

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My Guest:

Beverly Akhurst

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