The ONLY 3 Things You Need to Grow Your Podcast

In this episode, it’s time to get started with podcasting for your small business good. You may have heard this a lot but it’s now time to set up a podcast for your small business.

I had a real blast talking with Larry, he has that amazing personailty which brings out the best in everything. His years of broadcasting experince shine thorugh and he has a natural desire to share and make other laugh and enjoy life.

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Topics in this Episode:
How cheap can it be to start?
The most important element?
What to talk about?
The most important part of podcasting?

What is the best starter mic for live streaming or podcasting: Working for Yourself Podcast –

Guest Details
San Francisco Bay Bay area broadcaster. Co-host of the Smarticle Podcast. Father of three and lover of gin. Larry olson

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