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I enjoyed speaking to Sydney, she has a very logical way of explaining things. There is a wide range of background knowledge and she is amazing at what she does. I can see how her custom work can help clients get exactly what they want and need to shine.

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Should you hire a Professional Web Designer or do it yourself?

In this episode Should you hire a Professional Web Designer or do it yourself? Your site is a significant marketing tool, so it only makes sense to hire a professional but today I speak to a pro to find out what it actually means to have a pro do it.

Topics in this Episode:
The difference between a Web developer and a graphic designer
What you should know before hiring a designer.
If you hire a pro what are your expectations?
Why you should hire a professional designer?
Do you need a graphic designer?
Are Graphic designers better than DIY tools online
What can you expect to pay a designer?
How easy can it be to communicate your ideas?

What is the best starter mic for live streaming or podcasting: Working for Yourself Podcast –

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