Is this M Word the key to Success

On this episode I really enjoyed speaking to Phil. His ability to call on stats and use real life examples/experiments to demonstrate his ideas is amazing.

Zulf – Host

It can be challenging to discover everything you need to know to succeed. In this episode, I have a guest speaker Phill Agnew and I will concentrate on the M-Word. After listening to his Nudge podcast I am convinced it is at least one of the primary keys to success. If you haven’t guessed yet the M-Word is…..

The show will be scattered with hints of deep dives into Phill and his podcast episodes I found really interesting to change my perception of marketing.

Topics in this Episode:

  • The different types of marketing
  • Psychology behind marketing
  • How to get access to marketing professionals as a small startup
  • The importance of distinctiveness
  • Advertising and mindsets
  • The power of scarcity
  • Will marketing generate more growth or sales for you
  • Why I told 10,000 people NOT to listen to my podcast

Guest: Phill Agnew Nudge Podcats
Science of Marketing | Science of Marketing
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