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In this episode, I speak to an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer and 15-times Best Selling Author. She has hosted over 2,000 broadcasts and interviewed almost 5,000 guests. Hosting Angel Tuccy today on my humble podcast will be a great experience for me.

She knows what it takes to get exposure in the media. That’s why I will be speaking to her today to help all of you get the attention you deserve I would like to welcome her to today’s show
Angel Tuccy

Quote from Book
“You cannot Grow a million-dollar business building it one customer at a time”

Get Discovered: Using Media Interviews to Grow Your Business, Book & Brand

Topics in this Episode:
Need a Guest and how this came about
How to transition between roles or projects
How to make it in the professional arena Angel Tuccy back story
How to Increase brand exposure through press releases
How to Get Media Coverage for a small Business
What do Broadcasters look for when working with clients
5 points to consider
Stop playing it safe
Get noticed in your “crowd”
Motivate yourself constantly
Build your Life Outside of Work
A Sense of Fulfillment in what you do

What is the best starter mic for live streaming or podcasting: Working for Yourself Podcast –

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Books – Angel Tuccy

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