Can we succeed in the creative field?

I found talking with Mike very refreshing he had his goal set from an early age. He has taken many routes to get to his dream. I can see him being extremely successful in his creative journey.

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In today’s episode, I talk about why it is important to do more of what you love. My guest has over a decade of broadcast, and stage experience and has spent a few years as a Digital Writer/Producer.
Mike recently began his own songwriting business. Putting words into pleasing memorable songwriting and music.We talk about his journey into the creative field and how working for himself could be a future option.

Discussion points

  • Career paths that lead to a destination unknown
  • Channelling frustration into action.
  • How can listeners do more of what they love
  • Can people succeed in creative fields
  • Talk to me about your songwriting process
  • You have many songs about twins.

Topics in this Episode:
Music is a tough area to get into
Why Music
Making what you love into a job
Getting a big client
The steps from creating a song to publish
The creative process and copyright
Using online Fiver to provide services

Is there anything you would like to share
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Mike Hadge has over a decade of broadcast, stage experience and he has spent a few years as a Digital Writer/Producer
Social handles everywhere except
TikTok: @hadgetunes @hadgewrites

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