6 Questions If you want to work for yourself – S12EP10

Season 12 Podcast

In this episode, I look back on my journey and think about questions I asked myself before working for myself.  Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work for yourself? “Be your own boss” as they say!  I have been working for myself for over a decade and I talk about everything involved in pursuing this idea.

Topics in this Episode:

  • 1. Could I survive, financially and psychologically?
  • 2. ‘Could I work alone, and without encouragement?
  • 3. Do I want to learn marketing, sales, accounting, etc.?
  • Marketing: so you can sell more
  • Management: so you won’t be alone
  • Planning: so you can scale and stay competitive
  • Adaptability: in case your plan doesn’t pan out
  • 4. When it comes down to it, am I an overachiever?
  • 5. ‘Would I be a good mentor?
  • 6. Do You Really Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Next Time: 

How to Start Working for Yourself


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