Did I waste $300 on Tiktok, Google and Reddit Ads – S12EP16

Season 12 Podcast

Yes, I spent over $300 on Ads. To be exact I spent $378 on Tiktok, Google Ads and Reddit Ads. You can hear my podcast where I split out how much I spent on each and also what I got in return for this spend. 

Here are the resources so you can see what the results were.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Why I spent money on Ads
  • How much did I spend on TikTok Promote?
  • Should you should TikTok Promote or Tiktok ads
  • How much I spent on Google Ads to promote a YT Video
  • Is it a good idea to promote on google Ads
  • Are Reddit ads good to drive traffic to your podcast
  • Why I don’t recommend Reddit ads based on my results
  • What I finally got from spending over $300 on ads

Next Time: 

How can I train my mind to focus?


A podcast I am listening to: Is the Small Business Safari Chris Lalomia


Get the Screenshots and data from my ads here

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