My Blueprint for Business Success: Learn, Implement, Succeed!

Business Blueprint

This page serves as the epicenter of my blueprint, providing you with everything you need to navigate this path successfully. It acts as a gateway to all my dedicated articles aimed at answering all the specific questions when starting to work for yourself.

Business Success Blueprint

This guide is a dynamic and ever-evolving process, with continuous updates. Be sure to save or bookmark it for future reference. I’ll keep adding to it as I make progress and share my experiences.

Contents of Blueprint

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Business Blueprint – How to Start a Business

Ever wondered what it takes to turn a self-started venture into a thriving business empire? How to Start a Business and when to make the jump from self-employment to company. Well, you’re in for a treat! In this Business Blueprint, I’m peeling back the curtain on my 15-year journey from self-employment to becoming the Director of my own company. Buckle up as we explore the essential steps in my blueprint for business success – it’s all about learning, implementing, and ultimately, succeeding!

Business FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

I expect numerous questions, and I’ve curated a set of FAQs to provide the answers I sought when embarking on this journey. Remember to bookmark this page, as I’ll continually update the FAQs with ongoing insights from my Starting a Business journey. As my exploration into working for myself continues, more research and questions will be added. I’ve dedicated a focused page to share these FAQs, featuring two distinct sections for your convenience. see both FAQs about Hobby to Business Transition and FAQs about Undisclosed Income and eBay or online Selling.


Quickstart guide – 10 ways to get your business off to a good start

If you are looking for a quick read to give you an idea of the journey you will find this helpful. Starting a business venture involves navigating a lot of considerations. I share my starting business tips as a creator to help you see the stages involved. If you’ve decided to embark on this journey, brace yourself for the challenges. I will share my experiences to help bring context to the journey. Start Here

Should You Turn Your Hobby Into A Career?

Working progress these items will be added

Self-Employed or Create a Company?

I will focus this blueprint on the key questions I’m sure the first question is Should I go shelf-employed or create a company? I created a full article to answer these questions giving valuable resources and points to think about. See that article HERE

What it takes to get into Business Life

Finding an accountant might seem straightforward, but the reality is quite different. It took me more than a month to connect with several accountants and thoroughly assess them before discovering one who stood out among the rest. The accounting field lacks strict monitoring, allowing anyone to label themselves as an accountant. I share this in great detail in this article with an accompanying podcast episode and video. Also, see my in-depth article and video: Before you hire an Accountant – Finding an accountant in the UK

If you’re seeking a straightforward and rapid overview of starting your company, here’s a concise guide. While starting a business journey involves much more depth, I understand it can become intricate. For those who may not be too concerned about intricate details, this quick step guide provides an overview. Personally I am inclined towards in-depth analytical understanding before I make a big decision. I’ve crafted a comprehensive blueprint, delving into each step in detail read on if you like me. Venturing into a business requires meticulous consideration. As a fellow creator, I’m enthusiastic about sharing insights and tips to kickstart your business journey. If you’re ready to enter this domain, brace yourself for the upcoming challenges. In this article, I present a simple, quick guide covering the fundamentals – 10 ways to launch your business successfully.

6 Questions If you want to work for yourself

If you are interested in my exact journey I have documented each step of my photography hobby becoming a self-employment job to then deciding to make it a company. you can see read and hear my process with all my tips and ideas here

New Articles to be added each week

How and why I set up a Ltd company

Do you need an Accountant – Before you hire one?

What to call me CEO, Founder, or Director? – S12EP18

Don’t give up your day job yet! – S12EP6

Can I get a phone contract through my business? S12EP21

What I learned from my 1st year of business – S12EP14

5 Top Tips When Preparing to Sell Your Business

5 Tech Things New Business Owners Struggle With

How I took my hobby to a next level business – S12EP5

You can’t always do everything yourself – Hire good people

How to Get The Attention You Deserve – Working for yourself

Tips for Moving Countries as a Creative Professional

Is it ok to make changes to Pivoting in Business?

How I got my first paying client in Business – S12EP4

How I took my hobby to a next level business – S12EP5

Life will always get in the way of your Business – S12EP7

Make your idea into a business – step-by-step guide – Bonus

Here I will walk through the entire process I go into before coming up with a valid idea that could become a brand, Channel or even a podcast. I wish what I am about to share with you was available to me when I started. You may think you don’t have a creative bone in your body. I will share how you can make your hobby into something that can earn you an audience.

Business Success Blueprint

Business Milestone Map – How to Start a Business

I’m working on this 07/01/2024 check back soon

Business Resource List – How to Start a Business

I’m working on this 07/01/2024 check back soon

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