A new Futurama is being excitedly reimagined by the entire cast

Apparently Disney is interested in bringing Futurama back. So, it’s true that Futurama will be returning soon. It’s been almost 10 years since the last episode of Futurama aired, but there’s hope that it will return one day. The series might be brought back exclusively on Star and Hulu by Disney.

Among the most renowned animated shows of all time, Futurama was even named the “Greatest Animation Show of All Time” by Entertainment Weekly. Sadly, there was some sort of conspiracy at Fox to kill off the show, which resulted in its obscurity.

Why was the show Cancelled?

It aired four series finales, even though Futurama was only canceled twice by the time it ended in 2013 . While Futurama was only canceled twice, its creators aired four final episodes the show before it ended.

A Season 5 was planned for Fox and Comedy Central, holding onto episodes meant for Seasons 3 and 4 to create it. Rather than cancel Futurama in traditional fashion, the networks simply ceased purchasing episodes.

Fox to kill off the series and it never got the attention it deserved.

Even the show’s creator, Matt Groening, believed that Fox never really wanted Futurama to succeed. The network kept changing the show’s time slot and even deliberately aired the episodes out of order before eventually cancelling the show 2003.

In all cases you cannot expect people to behave in their own self interest. Fox would rather mess with the show and make it fail than give the creators autonomy and have them succeed… they do not like The Simpsons at Fox, for whatever reason.

LaMarche said he has to leave it up to the powers that be, but if possible, it would be great to get it done before Billy West [Fry, Dr. Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth voice actor] turns 80.

The future looks hopeful for Fry, Bender, and everybody on Planet Earth Express crew will return for — at least — one more epic space adventure in a Futurama reboot..

Amanit Ali


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