Before you hire an Accountant – Finding an accountant in the UK

Time to find an accountant?
How easy is it to find an accountant This is not as easy as it sounds, It took me over a month to speak to multiple accountants and check them out before I found one that was better than the rest. This field is unmonitored really and anyone can call themselves an accountant. In this episode, I will help share my journey and hope you find it useful if you are on your journey to find a half, decent accountant.
Topics in this Episode:
What accountants do
Do I need an accountant for my small business
What can an accountant do for my business
Finding an accountant
How much does an account cost
What is included in the cost
Do you get a dedicated accountant
What do they do what you need to do
Is software cost included
What services do you pay extra for

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