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Have you ever found yourself wanting a little extra space to channel your creativity? As a budding entrepreneur or someone contemplating starting a business, the idea of a dedicated Small Home Office might have crossed your mind. Imagine having a tranquil work haven nestled in your garden, away from the daily household hustle. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of a Small Home Office Extension right in your UK garden—how it can transform your work life, enhance your focus, and potentially take your entrepreneurial dreams to new heights.

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Uk Small HOme office buil

What am I building in my small UK City Garden

My process involves extra space. This all began on 25th October 2023 it took over 2 months to get planning approval I was approved in December and work began at the start of 13th Jan 2024. I have a video diary to accompany this article with daily daily updates check out that playlist.

Plans for Home Extenation
Regulation Plans home Extention

Define your Idea and sketch a plan – Small Home Office

Ensure to measure out your space a few months ahead of the actual process. I looked at another extension in the local area so I could set my expectations. I wanted a two-story extension but quickly found that would block light to neighbors. See more about the 45-degree rule in the faqs below.

Measure your garden space

From Idea to Plan – Finding an Architect

This stage was a nightmare, I called over a dozen local architects and a lot of them did not answer or didn’t have the level of knowledge to be able to complete this extension. There was a professional company I found but after a few emails they ignored me and it wasted a week. Ending up with an Architect who had done an extension on my road and I knew it was approved and completed. I will add a section to this article with all the contact details for everyone I used. I don’t endorse them but will supply details for you to do your checks.


From Plan to Building – Finding a Builder – Small Home Office

If you have seen my channel you will know I am handy with most jobs that need to be done. Having a base knowledge helps you ensure the builder you are looking to hire knows what they are talking about.

There is always a balance between Price quality and knowledge. It is difficult to find a builder with all 3. As long as you have an honest builder at t fair price who knows the basics and is willing to let you chime in on what you see then they are good. I found this builder and they were happy to change and upgrade certain bits of the extension as things progress. It is a give-and-take relationship and you need to ensure you try your best to not be too Intense.

First day build Extention

Things adapt to weather changes and they may not be able to do some tasks based on weather conditions. Build in extra time so you are not too tight on the deadlines. Our extension should be done in 8 weeks. We will see how this goes.

Questions to ask your builder – Small Home Office

There are many questions to consider so many that you will miss some. This can be long but I will supply a resource you can save or download to bullet point questions to consider.

digging foundations home extenstion

Do I need to make a contract with my builder?

Yes and no it depends on what you mean by “contract”! This sounds complicated but it was a sheet of paper saying what I wanted what i needed to supply, and what the builder would do to buy and supply. I will link you to a resource to see this and download it for your use.

Watch my entire Small Home Extension build video playlist

UK Home extension Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

What are the size limits for building an extension without planning permission in the UK?

You can extend your home or add a conservatory up to six meters, or eight meters for detached homes, without the need for planning permission. Achieving your dream home is now within reach with minimal obstacles! Check with your local council

Is an architect necessary for an extension?

Whether you’re extending or converting, although there is no legal requirement to hire an architect, having one involved in significant projects ensures the creation of a safe and compliant addition to your home. Why not opt for just a builder?

How can I find a reliable builder for an extension?

A reputable builder can offer invaluable assistance in this regard. Look for a builder with a successful track record in similar projects, whose previous work you can inspect. Seek recommendations from friends and family, and opt for a builder who is a member of the FMB for the utmost peace of mind.

Is neighbor permission required for an extension?

In brief, if you intend to enlarge your home and it is attached to or closely situated to another property, you will likely need to inform your neighbor(s) about your extension plans. Feel free to reach out to us for complimentary planning advice.

What does the 45-degree rule entail for extensions?

The 45-degree rule also pertains vertically, especially relevant for two-story extensions. This rule involves drawing an imaginary 45-degree line from the nearest habitable room of a neighboring property to assess whether your proposed extension will impact daylight and sunlight.

What costs the most in a house extension?

Usually, the foundation work and structural modifications necessary to uphold the new space constitute the most costly components. Additional substantial expenses may involve labor and materials.

HOme extention uk

In summary:

Having a garden office also encourages breaks and outdoor activities. You can take short walks in your garden, breathe in the fresh air, and return to work rejuvenated. It fosters a sense of well-being that positively influences your creativity and decision-making. You can have your own little retreat right outside your door, promoting both focus and relaxation.
Creating a small home office extension in your UK garden can be a game-changer for your entrepreneurial journey. Not only does it offer a dedicated space for work, but it also provides a haven where creativity can flourish. The benefits extend beyond productivity, positively influencing your overall well-being. So, have you thought about transforming your garden into a thriving workspace?

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