The Best Gaming Setups of 2021 – Ultimate List

Technology is rapidly evolving and we’ve seen a lot of gaming setups withstand graphical changes through the years. Also, with streaming becoming a norm since the pandemic, we’ve seen other content creators step up their game.

Even with a lot of advancements, 2016 graphics cards such as an Nvidia GTX 1060 can still play popular game titles. The latest benchmarks indicate that you can still play the latest AAA titles in 1080P on medium to high settings.

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However, if you’re in search of the best gaming setup and you’re looking for inspiration or an upgrade despite the shortage of graphics cards we’re still experiencing today, you’re at the right place.

Are you looking for a gaming rig that can help you be better at popular FPS titles such as Valorant? Or maybe you’re seeking a minimalistic build that gives you monster performance?

How about a build that allows you to enjoy popular horror games such as Resident Evil: Village with a superior console gaming experience? Do you want to use your Mac and PC together? We’ve got you covered!

From casual to hardcore monster builds, you can rank these rigs based on what suits your personality.

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