If I Started a YouTube Channel in 2023, I’d Do This S13EP10

I made a new channel to prove its not too late to start on YouTube 

00:00 Explanation of the purpose of the video 

00:30 Brief overview of the content of the video

02:20 Finding Your Niche

03:10:The importance of finding a niche

04:20 Tips for choosing a niche

06:50 Examples of successful niche channels

08:10 Setting Up Your Channel

09:40 Tips for Creating a strong brand identity

11:12 Choosing a channel name 14:10 Creating a channel trailer

15:20 The importance of high-quality content

17:00 Tips for creating engaging content

18:00 Suggestions for planning and organizing content

19:45 Strategies for promoting your channel

20:45 Using social media to grow your audience

24:56 Importance of maintaining transparency and integrity

26:00 Summary of key points

29:00 Encouragement to start your channel

Think of this podcast as if you are sitting and chatting with friends. A lot of business tips and advice on how I progressed from my 9-5 office role to a Director of my own company. There will be banter about success and financial freedom the odd motivational speech to also give you a boost. I will share thoughts on various subjects and use this to document my career journey occasionally joined by guests. be sure to reach out if you have any questions. Resources:

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