Choosing the Right Laptop for Business: A Non-Mac Perspective

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I feel like this post is my mind trying to convince my senses that an M1/M2 Mac is not for me… or are they?

Admitting my aversion to Mac products, I’ve spent three years on a quest for a laptop that can seamlessly handle daily admin tasks while flexing its muscles in video editing, even at 4K resolution. The M1 Silicon chip laptops, particularly MacBooks, have been in the spotlight for their groundbreaking battery life and powerful CPUs.

Mac 1 Laptop

Mac vs Windows dilemma

However, the Mac versus Windows dilemma persists in my head. What can Windows do that Mac can’t? It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with, checking many YouTube videos for a deep-dive comparison of operating systems.

The lack of a comprehensive answer led me to consider creating my own video to help others grappling with the same decision. That means I need to buy a Mac though

Asus Rog Laptop

The challenge lies in the uncertainty surrounding tech reviews. Hyped-up reviews from tech YouTubers, often given units for “impartial” feedback, can be misleading.

The M1, initially praised, faced criticism later for app compatibility issues, making it challenging to discern reality from hype.

Is it hard to switch from Windows to Mac

The decision to buy a Mac over a Windows PC has been hard for me despite extensive research. My workflow, rooted in a dedicated PC for heavy tasks, doesn’t seamlessly translate to the Mac system.

The M1’s capabilities are impressive, potentially replacing my desktop, but nuances like menu navigation, file transfers, and the paid upgrades for basic features on Mac give me pause.

What is a Good Windows Alternative to Mac

Considering Windows laptops, the Dell XPS 13 Plus caught my eye, but its performance doesn’t match up to the M1. The battery life and CPU performance of the M1 remain unparalleled, making it a tempting choice.

Always Windows PC Laptops

Common challenges and questions

Common questions swirl in my mind: Which laptops compare to the MacBook Air M1? Is the MacBook Air still worth it? What’s the Windows counterpart to the MacBook M1? Amid these questions, the decision looms: Is it time to embrace a Mac, or can a non-Mac laptop fulfill my needs? Options like the Dell XPS 13 Plus and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano offer alternatives, but the allure of the M1’s performance remains a formidable factor.

As I navigate this labyrinth of choices, the ultimate question persists: Will a MacBook be the best option for my business needs? Whether it’s an Asus or another non-Mac machine, the decision awaits.

Overheating Laptops

Here are the common questions i found i had

Certainly, let’s integrate those phrases into the main article:

Best Laptop for Business Use and Mac Competitor

It’s no secret I don’t like to use Mac products. I’ve grown up with Android and become accustomed to that way of working; it’s challenging to adjust to a Mac product, even though Apple phones and MacBooks are commonplace in many business places.

Latops I use

What Can the Laptop Do?

Today, my goal is to share something I’ve been researching for three years. I’ve been looking for a capable laptop that can be the daily admin driver but also edit and export the occasional 4k 8-minute video. This is a big ask, and I’ve spent many days checking Amazon and eBay, exploring the M1 Silicon chip Laptop pros. They are a new beast with long battery life and a powerful CPU.

Upgrade Laptop

Differences Between Mac and Windows

There is one major issue; it’s a Mac. I keep searching YouTube to see what the actual differences are between Windows and Mac. What can I do on Windows that I can’t do on a Mac? No one really answers this question.

I really need to see a comparison for Mac vs. Windows. I want to see a deep-dive video where someone sets out what the actual differences are in Windows and Mac as operating systems.

Do I Need to Buy a Mac?

I feel like that is a video I need to make as I can’t see one out there that helps me to decide. I’ve been very close to buying an M2 MacBook Pro 16GB, as I feel it ticks a lot of boxes that a Windows PC just can’t tick at the moment.


I can’t trust Tech Reviewers. Sometimes I feel like the hype in the reviews from tech YouTubers who have just been given a unit to provide an “impartial” view, which isn’t impartial at all. Early on, the M1 got great reviews, and later, people started saying it wasn’t compatible with many apps. So it’s now hard to see what is real and what isn’t.

Why Would You Buy a Mac Over a Windows?

I have spent way too long thinking and researching this topic. Since the M1 release, I’ve been looking at getting the M1.

Why Have I Not Upgraded to an M1?

I think my workflow will not translate. My main concern is I am a creator first; I will still have my heavy load PC. However, if I want to spend a day on the laptop, I won’t be able to do everything on the laptop, and that is okay. It is important to know what you want to do on a laptop and understand the limitations. However, looking at the M1 reviews, it seems like it can do a lot of what my dedicated PC can do. The M1 may even replace the desktop if it’s as good as it’s cracked up to be.

So the main challenge is the little things. Using the menus, the copy and paste, moving files from drives to the Mac (not calling it a PC anymore is another mind faf). I am a very process-oriented person; I can’t afford to spend two days changing my workflow to meet a new style of system. I want to understand how things work. A major factor is a lot of basic things on a PC are paid upgrades for a Mac. For example, I found two things a PC has that are not on Mac directly: when you copy over files, it doesn’t show you the transfer speed without a plugin or a paid app. Also, snapping windows when you’re working and want two windows side by side, that is a paid thing you need to get on Mac.

I don’t like the fact things I already have are not available for Mac. Writing this down is solidifying the reasons I doubt Mac will fit into my life. I might need to give it a chance. I have asked myself which Windows laptop, and Dell XPS 13 Plus has been a consideration. It’s comparable in price to a Mac, but I don’t feel the performance is there. An XPS gets hotter than an M1 and is not as powerful.

One thing is apparent: anyone that used an M1 has said the performance in terms of CPU is amazing, and battery life is great. I feel that is the main draw.

In this day and age, we don’t have a battery that can last 24hrs, and we are trying to make space on the moon to live?

Here are common questions I keep swishing in my brain:

  • Which laptop is comparable to MacBook Air M1?
  • Dell XPS 13 Plus: an innovative 13-inch.
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano: Are M1 MacBooks still worth it?
  • What is the Windows competitor to the MacBook M1?
  • What is the best affordable Mac?
  • Is there a better laptop than MacBook Air?
  • What is Better, Apple or Surface?
  • The Best MacBook Alternatives You Can Buy in 2023.
  • Is it time I bought a Mac and put this to bed? Will a MacBook be the best option for my needs?
  • Here are a few options I have

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