12 Things to add to Your Bucket List Today

Today I share an idea to balance your working life with your goals and ideas. I share 12+ things to consider adding to your bucket list today. I have a guest today for the book Live Out Your List: Finding Joy Through A Bucket List Lifestyle.
He has spent more than 30 years working in the youth development and teaching field
living an intentional life – Roger Williams
Ideas for Bucket List

Do 50 random acts of kindness 
Plant a tree
Sew something wearable 
make something with your own hands
Ride on or be a passenger a motorcycle 
Learn and perform a magic trick 
Try 10 new restaurants 
Be a tourist in your own city
Volunteer your time at a shelter, or other worthy cause 
Live Out Your List: Finding Joy Through A Bucket List Lifestyle 
Spend a day giving high-fives to everyone you see

I really hope you start your bucket list today
My Guest on today’s episode: Roger Williams
Live Out Your List: Finding Joy Through A Bucket List Lifestyle – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BF34MJNH
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